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clippingbd isone of the most popular image clipping path service provider business firm.


clippingbd is the name of faith which provides several types of image & design services such as image clipping path, Photo clipping path service, image masking, image retouching, image enhancement, image color correction, logo design and ad design at a lower cost within 24 hours. This design house has more than 70  employers  who are highly experience and also are excel in Photoshop.


Clipping path: Clipping path is one of the best and ideal technique of selecting and separating any particular portion of an image.  Basically this service is used to remove the background of any image so that you can add your preferred background to them. The clipping path will be used for removing background, making background into white or transparent (without background), and multiple clipping path for color correction. The entire job is done manually using Photoshop Pen Tool and not use any automated tools. That is why the results comes the best along with the least anchor points which results in to a flawless background removal. Clippingbd has a very strong production facility that allows us to create clipping paths of images with a very low cost and short turnaround. If you have high volume of images to be worked on, this is the right place for you. Enjoy them getting done overnight with special discounts!

Photo clipping : Clipping Path is one of the most demanding services in the images industry. Though there has many software or automated program which will help you to get rid of unwanted parts of images. Magic wand is one of such a tool from adobe Photoshop which will create automated paths around the edges. Its quick but the quality will never reach the best in this way and the images can seem to be eating by something. Moreover, random parts of the background will still be visible in place and the final result will not be professional in any way.

If you want the best quality and flawless clipping paths, then manually operated pen tool is the best solution to it. The accuracy of the pen tool cannot be achieved by any automated software.


We offer the same accuracy, quality, turnaround and low cost for everyone. If you have large web shop owner who wants to get them done in bulk, then Clippingbd is right place for you. You will receive our special bulk discounts as well. If you need them few numbers, no worries, you will still get the same attention and quality from our designers.

 Our Vision

Our vision is to provide best and natural image & design services among photographers, catalogers, designers, the owner of e-shoppers, the owner of magazines. Moreover, we always try to keep our clients tension free by providing best and excellent image & design services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to supply best and excellent image & design services to establish a faith and keep them satisfactory. With an eye of improving our image & design services in consistent with our previous success. We leave no stone unturned to provide the best quality of image & design services because we want to build a good relationship with our customers and clients. Therefore, we receive any kind of comments as our driving force to go ahead. Already we have developed and are trying to develop more infrastructure to provide class one image & design services.


 Our purpose

Our purpose is to bring about a change in the mode of providing best and super quality image & design services. We hope that our purpose would be suitable to our clients of varying abilities and offer them the opportunity to grow more famous in using our services. However, we try to develop different skills of our employers to provide best quality of image & design services.

We are practical to our commitment to our honorable clients. Finally, we are pledged to provide image & design services with the utmost capability and honesty.

What Is The Necessity Of Image Clipping Path For Images

Image clipping is the main source to enhance the beauty of images.


Now-a-days image clipping has become a primary question for everybody. We always have an enquiry on the topic.  All over the world, everybody tries to know about image clipping and the utility of image clipping path. Now I try to meet up their demand whose have a thirst for knowing about the image clipping path.


We generally know that image clipping path can remove the background of images. It can help us to select a perfect white background for the images, isn’t it? The simple answer of us may be yes. But image clipping path tools are very sensitive to use. Several types of image clipping tools are being used in different areas.


There are three major kinds of image clipping path. The first is Basic clipping path. It is generally used to remove the background of images. That is why, people say it white background service. Through this service, we can remove the background of our images and give them several backgrounds as we like. We can use this image clipping path service for every types of image if we want to remove the unnecessary background.


The second is multi clipping path. This type of clipping path is same to Basic clipping path. But few E-shoppers want to show their products in every parts of the image. Because the customers can watch every function of the product and can also understand to right or wrong between the other companies products. In this field we need multi clipping path. When you try to use multi clipping, you should select every parts of image separately or independently.


The third is color clipping path. This kind of clipping path is same to Basic clipping path. It helps us to remove unnecessary background from the images.

At the end, all types of clipping paths are essential for images to remove the background and unnecessary areas. Moreover, image clipping path is a first aids for images, because without image clipping path, your images can’t cast the attraction of customers and won’t look glorious when you use them in the online market. So, the Photographers, the E-shoppers, the Owner of magazine, the Catalogers, the Designers must need image clipping path service to enhance the beauty of their images and photos or catalogs.

Are the Fashion designers creating society?

Fashion designers are playing a vital role for changing cultures ages to ages. That is why they can be called the creator a fashionable society.

A society largely depends on it’s culture and culture means food style, life style, fashion style etc. these elements are called the sub-domains of a society. If the sub-domains are changed, the society will be changed.

From the ancient society to present society, we see that several changes are happened. If we notice, we will find that an invisible role has been played by the fashion designers for changing style of life. It universal true that when a new fashion is created, it could touch the heart of common people. Because they always run after new and changing fashion.
In this sense, can’t we say that the fashion designers are creating society? Moreover, their activities are not only remarkable but also ideological.

Necessity of image clipping path

What it the necessity of photo clipping path service

To day photo clipping has become an essential image service not only the Photographers but also personal uses.


Clipping path service

Clipping path service

Every day we shot a number of photos using our Camera, I-Phone, Mobile Phone. These photos are used in the social media, print media, Magazine or personal uses. But never think about the background. The backgrounds of these photos are attached with so closely that the images are not looked fair or bright. When we use them in the media, they will never be cut a good attraction among the viewers. Again, image background always plays a vital role to watch your images attractive as well as helping to rank in the SEO. So, we need photo clipping path to root out the background and give them a perfect background. This background changing system is called photo clipping path service.

Again, the blessing of internet, everything is buying & selling on the internet based system. In this system, photos are played a vital role among the buyers& sellers. So, the e-shoppers are always trying to display their products based on the photography. These types of photography must need photo clipping path. So, there is no alternative of image clipping path to make a photo suitable for uses. We can present the main photo using image clipping path.

Using clipping path is too easy to do. You can change the image background using clipping path service just spending few moments.

 It is a matter of question to all that how can we change the background of images using clipping path service. The answer is too easy. First open Adobe Photoshop in your computer and select the main image which you want to clip out. Then, select image clipping path tool and start to clip your image carefully. At last choose a perfect background for your image and save it. When you will finish your work, you will watch the result. You will then understand and agree with me.

The greatest Photographers you can find here.

Man has an unquenchable thirst for knowing around his world. Few people are finding the greatest photographers to shot photos. Again, few of people are finding their address to contact for getting jobs. On the other hand, some people also find the greatest photographers so that they can learn something how to be the greatest. Now I write some photographers website address and their story how they have become the greatest.

  • Richard Warren: Richard Warren was born in Houston Texas. His father was a newspaperman. At the age of fifteen Richard moved to the Pacific Northwest where after High School worked as a commercial fisherman in Alaska and also earned a degree in Graphic arts from Western Washington University. By the time he was twenty-one he had moved to New York and began assisting great photographers: Bill King, Helmut Newton, Denis Piel, Robert Mapplethorpe. Warren was twenty-six when he had his first break while living in Milan; a 30 page Couture editorial in Italian Bazaar photographing Valentino, and other top name couture designers.Richard Warren’s Website.  weddress-large-chair-b-150x150
  • Riddell: I am a Professional fashion / catwalk / advertising photographer based in Hertfordshire I cover a large number of areas of fashion from commercial to artistic, shooting for a number of magazines and I am regularly published. This work is often for commercial promotion or editorial. A lot of the time I am asked to cover catwalk shows or to photograph guest celebrities. But I’m also happy to shoot collections for designers and retailers, weather for printed or web based ecommerce catalogues, along with creating commercial adverts. I can shoot in either a studio, or setup on location, outdoors, or at another venue. I have a number of locations on my lists that are available to use. I can translate your fashion requirements into stunning images, to target the correct audience, weather your garments are aimed at the country socialite set or the urban street punk we can generate memorable images. Riddell’s website.wedding5
  • Mike Fendt: I am a professional photographer specializing in wedding, family and glamour   photography.  I started my business in 2009 as my next step into the exciting world of professional photography. All of the work featured on my website has been captured, processed and exhibited by myself – I am interested in all aspects of photography.  My current focus lies in family/group portraits and wedding photography, but I also have considerable experience in glamour/fashion photography. In the past couple of years I have covered several corporate and other various events, where I have worked with some great companies and individuals to build an extensive range of experience and imagery. I am very happy to offer commissioned work, studio shoots and location work.  I am very passionate about photography and always welcome any constructive feedback or opportunities to gain experience that may be on offer. Mike fendt’s website.9961f5_3b68d31f6abe41beb4e322503fe35ce9.jpg_srb_p_600_800_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srb
  • alan d west: I believe in engaging with the client through the whole lifecycle of the project to ensure that the client receives the quality expected. With this in mind when it comes to weddings this means that I will have a number of meetings to ensure the bride and groom are happy with the approach being taken. This also gives us a chance to get to know each other so there is a more comfortable feeling in front of camera on the big day. I am near London and  am available to travel throughout the United Kingdom if the job require. I am equally familiar with shooting in a studio or outdoors on location. If you have a project in mind and would like to discuss please do not hesitate to get in touch in my website.richard
  • Andy Douglas : I am a professional photographer based mainly in the Leicestershire area, but also travel extensively throughout the UK working on a variety of commissions. My interest in photography spans many years, which quickly blossomed from a hobby into a serious vocation.  I am extremely passionate in my approach to my work, and capturing special moods and moments is a very rewarding and fulfilling process.  If you are looking for a friendly, enthusiastic and imaginative person to help create that special moment, enhance your portfolio or promote your business, then please contact me for a chat to discuss your requirements. Andy’s website.DSC01012
  • Alex Suckling: My name is Alex Suckling and I own and run AJS Photographic, an independent photographic studio in Low-ford, Southampton, specializing in relaxed family portraits, together with makeovers and model portfolios. Its got to be said that I have a real passion or is that obsession for all things photographic and I also shoot Weddings, Events, Commercial and Product photography on request. My freelance work has been published and exhibited worldwide in various magazines and websites. I am very fortunate to have my own professional studio set-up as well as being one of the resident share members from a second larger studio in Southampton. This leaves me with great options as both locations offer very different combinations, for example my own studio has a shower system plumbed in and has vehicle access for automotive shoots and the other has a massive selection of backdrops and props to select from. I am very fortunate to have my own professional studio set-up as well as being one of the resident share members from a second larger studio in Southampton. This leaves me with great options as both locations offer very different combinations, for example my own studio has a shower system plumbed in and has vehicle access for automotive shoots and the other has a massive selection of backdrops and props to select from. Alex’s websiteevans-cheuka-photography-model-4
  • Evans Cheuka: As a wedding photographer based in Wolverhampton I am pleased to offer a relaxed and discreet wedding photography style. I offer a creative and modern approach to photographing your wedding day. From the excitement of getting ready, through the formalities of the ceremony and finally onto the celebrations of the evening reception, I take natural photos. Evans Cheuka’s websiteclosingeye
  • Richard Craig: Richard Craig photography provides stunning wedding and fashion photography, capturing emotions, memories, laughter and joy, creating images of a high quality that would be seen in the top magazines and modeling agencies. We provide an exceptional service that is 100% customer focused to enable you to relax and enjoy being photographed by us, from a pre-wedding shoot, to your wedding day or a fashion photo shoot, our top priority is to ensure that you are comfortable as we feel this produces the most natural and best images. Richard Craig photography website is here.BridalPhotographyHertfordshire(1)
  • Digital Touch: In this section I would like to briefly explain image editing in a way that can be understood by the reader who is not familiar with the use of digital editing software and considering having some of the their images old or new digitally restored or enhanced. You can find digital touch website064
  • peter: We have been specializing in portrait, landscape, and portfolio photography for over 15 years and have built up a large library of pictures, a sample of which you can view on this site.

    Volume Image Clipping Path Service Starting at only $ 0.15

    Volume Image Clipping Path Service Starting at only $ 0.15

Image clipping path & image retouching are the two major image services

At present, image services have become very essential part and parcel in the field of Photography & arts. These image services are mast for creating a glorious, bright and fair image. We can not think a well image without these image services. There are several types of image services like image clipping path, image retouching, image masking, image manipulation, image color correction etc. but two major image services which are played a great role in building an image outstanding.

background remove with shadow

background remove with shadow

Image clipping path: image clipping means to clip out or to change the background of an image. It is a must for creating a bright, fair & white page image as well as getting a suitable background. It is true that photos are closely attached with the background which can destroy the attraction of photos. Beside, unnecessary & unwanted backgrounds are also attached with the photos when we shot photos using our Cameras or iphones. We feel uncomfortable to watching these photos. If we want to remove the mark, trace or unnecessary background, we will take a help from image clipping path service. In these problems clippingbd can help you to cut out your images according to your demand. We can make perfect background of your photos so that you can use these photos in the print media, mass media, social media or business and personal uses.

On the other hands, in the field of photography, Business of photos, arts, design sectors, e-shopping business etc photos always have been played a great role. To meet up the demand of your customers & clients, you must need the help of clipping path service from clippingbd.

Volume Image Clipping Path Service Starting at only $ 0.15

Volume Image Clipping Path Service Starting at only $ 0.15

Image Retouching: image retouching means to create an image spotless and fair. Image retouching is one of the most useful & ideal image services to enhance the beauty of photos. When the photographers shot photos, a number of spots, traces or marks are found in those photos. Using image retouching service, you can easily remove these spots or traces. If you want to get well photos, you will take a help from clippingbd just spending few cost.

Everyday we see a number of photos in the print media, social media, magazine etc and praised highly on these photos. But it is a question of matter that all the photos are not cut a strong attraction among the photo watchers. Can we ever thing why? It is true that the photos which are usually used image services like image clipping path, image retouching, image color correction, image masking etc. these photos that are used any service must be looked attractive and glorious. Above all, image clipping path & image retouching are the best and ideal image services. They help us getting spotless and fair & natural images.

Photo retouching: image color correction tutorial

Photo retouching: image color correction tutorial

Step-by-step image color correction tutorial on Photoshop’s correcting an image’s overall color cast.
Color Correction to Remove Unwanted Color Casts
This basic Photoshop image color correction tutorial instructs on color correction methods using Adobe Photoshop’s image adjustment filters to correct unwanted color-casts that are created from improper white-balance setting in the camera, or unusual lighting conditions which overwhelm the natural image color correction of a scene. While correcting these undesirable color-casts you will also be able to improve the color saturation levels, making a dull photo pop with contrast and color.


Two of the most effective tools for accomplishing image color correction on photographs with unwanted color casts, are the “Curves” tool (Command>M), and the “Color Balance” tool (Command>B). Both of these tools are capable of globally altering the photograph’s hue, without destroying pixel information. The ‘Hue/Saturation’ tool should be avoided because when you change the hue to fix the green color (say to add yellow to the green), your reds will shift in the opposite direction, throwing them out of balance. The idea is to only effect the unwanted color, and leave any image color correction as they are.
With Photoshop’s Curves adjustment filter you can alter color in each of the three RGB channels or four CMYK channels, by simply dragging the diagonal line’s anchor point. You can also add new anchor points to make subtle adjustments in specific tonal regions.

If the Curves filter is too complicated you can use the Color correction adjustment to make global alterations. To use Color Balance you will drag each slider bar to affect the overall color tint (hue) in the shadows, mid-tones, and highlights of the photograph.
Technical Note: Always check your monitor calibration before making adjustments to your photograph. If your monitor is not properly calibrated, you may be making adjustments that are actually hurting the photo’s color balance.

Color Correction Basics
Step 1: Always save a backup copy of your photo before you begin any color adjustments. When you are ready to begin, copy and paste the background layer into a couple of new layers, and only make your image color correction to the new duplicate layers.
Step 2: Although I would never rely on automatic image color correction functions such as “Auto Levels,” “Auto Contrast,” or “Auto Color,” (found in the top menu-bar under Image>Adjustments), it is always a good idea to try these to see what the Photoshop program comes up with. It can serve as more of an FYI than anything else, and it gives you a starting point. You can apply these filters to an adjustment layer or copy-and-paste the background layer into a new layer and make your adjustment to it. Then you can dial it back a bit by adjusting the layer’s Opacity.
Step 3: Always limit your image color correction to a single step on each of the unadulterated layers. You can label each layer with the step that was taken, and soften each individual effect using the layer’s “Opacity” setting.
Keep in mind that you are shooting for realistic overall color, and any adjustments should look natural and convincing. Keep a separate copy of the original photograph open on your desktop, so that you can compare the adjusted copy to it. There should be no obvious coloration to the adjusted copy. Do not attempt to solve darkness or brightness issues by adjusting color. We will cover Brightness and Contrast issues in a separate tutorial.
Note: The following hardware and software was used in this tutorial: An Apple Mac Pro desktop computer, a Wacom Intuos 6×8 drawing tablet, Adobe Photoshop CS-CS5 photo editing software and a properly calibrated monitor.

How to create tempting photos

How to create tempting photos

Necessity tempting photos for publicity.

At present, photos play a great role all over the world. Specially, in the print & mass media photos are used largely for buying & selling products, communication for introducing in the social media like Facebook, Google plus, linkadin etc.
Photos are begun to use thousands of years ago. Then, they used for communication. Nowadays photos are used not only for communication but also for business. So, everywhere around the world, there is a cool competition among all classes of people to take an attractive photo which can cut a good figure in his career.
It is true that the business men, models, fashion houses even design houses search well known photographers who can take best photos and how they can recognize internationally. But there are few secrtas which are only known to the photographers. These are called photo services which can make your photos extra ordinary and tempting.
Few photo services are surely needed to make photos tempting. They are:-

(01) Photo clipping path: clipping path is an ideal photo service which can remove the background from your photos or can clip out any objects.

Volume Image Clipping Path Service Starting at only $ 0.15

Volume Image Clipping Path Service Starting at only $ 0.15

(02) Image retouching: retouching means creating photos spotless or cloudy free. So, image retouching refars to make photos so fair that there is no spot, cloudy, murkary or gloomy. Really, Image retouching is one of the best of all image services.

Volume Image Clipping Path Service Starting at only $ 0.15

Volume Image Clipping Path Service Starting at only $ 0.15

(03) Image color correction: It is also very useful to make temping photos. It may happen that color’s adjustment always mayn’t be corrected because of light effect, darkness, ray of the sun etc. to adjust color you can use photo color correction service.

Volume Image Clipping Path Service Starting at only $ 0.15

Volume Image Clipping Path Service Starting at only $ 0.15

It is a matter of wondering that all types of photo services are used handmade tools. These tools are very essential for making tempting photos. You can find all these tools in Photoshop tool box. So, now it is an open secrates in the field of photography that the photographers make tempting photos not only using camera but also using these photo services.