clippingbd & it’s image clipping path service

clippingbd isone of the most popular image clipping path service provider business firm.


clippingbd is the name of faith which provides several types of image & design services such as image clipping path, Photo clipping path service, image masking, image retouching, image enhancement, image color correction, logo design and ad design at a lower cost within 24 hours. This design house has more than 70  employers  who are highly experience and also are excel in Photoshop.


Clipping path: Clipping path is one of the best and ideal technique of selecting and separating any particular portion of an image.  Basically this service is used to remove the background of any image so that you can add your preferred background to them. The clipping path will be used for removing background, making background into white or transparent (without background), and multiple clipping path for color correction. The entire job is done manually using Photoshop Pen Tool and not use any automated tools. That is why the results comes the best along with the least anchor points which results in to a flawless background removal. Clippingbd has a very strong production facility that allows us to create clipping paths of images with a very low cost and short turnaround. If you have high volume of images to be worked on, this is the right place for you. Enjoy them getting done overnight with special discounts!

Photo clipping : Clipping Path is one of the most demanding services in the images industry. Though there has many software or automated program which will help you to get rid of unwanted parts of images. Magic wand is one of such a tool from adobe Photoshop which will create automated paths around the edges. Its quick but the quality will never reach the best in this way and the images can seem to be eating by something. Moreover, random parts of the background will still be visible in place and the final result will not be professional in any way.

If you want the best quality and flawless clipping paths, then manually operated pen tool is the best solution to it. The accuracy of the pen tool cannot be achieved by any automated software.


We offer the same accuracy, quality, turnaround and low cost for everyone. If you have large web shop owner who wants to get them done in bulk, then Clippingbd is right place for you. You will receive our special bulk discounts as well. If you need them few numbers, no worries, you will still get the same attention and quality from our designers.

 Our Vision

Our vision is to provide best and natural image & design services among photographers, catalogers, designers, the owner of e-shoppers, the owner of magazines. Moreover, we always try to keep our clients tension free by providing best and excellent image & design services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to supply best and excellent image & design services to establish a faith and keep them satisfactory. With an eye of improving our image & design services in consistent with our previous success. We leave no stone unturned to provide the best quality of image & design services because we want to build a good relationship with our customers and clients. Therefore, we receive any kind of comments as our driving force to go ahead. Already we have developed and are trying to develop more infrastructure to provide class one image & design services.


 Our purpose

Our purpose is to bring about a change in the mode of providing best and super quality image & design services. We hope that our purpose would be suitable to our clients of varying abilities and offer them the opportunity to grow more famous in using our services. However, we try to develop different skills of our employers to provide best quality of image & design services.

We are practical to our commitment to our honorable clients. Finally, we are pledged to provide image & design services with the utmost capability and honesty.