Image masking

We  generally use our own image masking tools & technology

Image masking is really very urgent service for images to enhance the beauty of an image.


Having problem of bad exposure, unwanted background problem, problem of superfluous color effects, etc. in your photos? Don’t worry more, we at Clippingbd has come to you with a view to solving your problems. Such as image masking techniques which can be fixed almost anything for you. Image masking has become very urgent to process complex images in photo editing, especially for product catalogues, brochures, magazines, calendars, poster, photographs use for online shops and more. Masking technique is not at all a simple task rather it is a very time consuming and eye straining. Our designers have the capability and vast experience to do not only perfectly but also accurate. We can mask your ordinary images in such a way that the viewers can have the actual look and feel of the product through its sharpness.

Image quality models usually include a mechanism whereby artifacts are masked by the image acting as a background. Scientific study of visual masking has followed two traditions: contrast masking and noise masking, depending primarily on whether the mask is deterministic or random. In the former tradition, masking is explained by a decrease in the effective gain of the early visual system. In the latter tradition, masking is explained by an increased variance in some internal decision variable. The masking process in image quality models is usually of the gain-control variety, derived from the contrast masking tradition. In this paper we describe a third type of masking, which I call entropy masking, that arises when the mask is deterministic but unfamiliar. Some properties and implication of entropy masking are discussed. We argue that image quality models should incorporate entropy masking, as well as contrast masking.

Man always has a thirst for acquiring new knowledge and ideas. To fulfill this thirst, we arrange a short way by which we can mask an image in Photoshop. By doing the following activities, we can mask an image of model according to our own efforts.

At first we must open Photoshop in our computer and select the image. When the whole photo is opened, we should path the image using clipping tools. Then we should select the area which we want to mask or earser. Suppose, if we mask the hair portion of a model we will draws a path round the hair. After that, we should take a new layer and select the color. We should always remember that we used to select indigo or green color because they are the best color for image masking. Now we should select the background masking tools. It should be remembered that the layer 1 must be selected. So we should bear in mind that the options are looked after at the time of image masking. It is also necessary to know when we are masking the hair area, we should depend on the tolerance.

Image masking is one of the most essential of all image services. The other name of image masking is Earser. The main purpose of masking is to remove the background of photos which have blurred edges or sharp portions. We can eliminate, extract or detach an object from the rest of the picture using the image masking technique.