Why Us

Do you know about clippingbd & it’s image services?  Clippingbd is a lower cost effect image & design service provider where you can get class one image & design services in your choosing timing & price. You also can enjoy the following opportunities:

*     FTP server opportunity for sharing files & folders.
*   Easy headache-free online services with domestic customer care.
*   Professional service within 24 hours delivery and 100% satisfaction guarantee.
*   24 hour turn around time.
*    2 files trial for new clients to justify our working quality.
*    Flat rate – no waits for quotation
*    Zero tolerance quality
*    7/26/365 days service

Maximum & senior QUALITY

Clippingbd is an image manipulation & raster to vector service provider company in Bangladesh.

We are pride of our working quality. In every image we work so carefully so that you can receive a handcrafted by our well-trained and highly-experienced graphic technicians. Moreover, “Clippingbd” is always ready to hearing form you as you like to contact us.

Inferior & effect-able pricing:

It is known to all that clippingbd always works at a lower cost. There are similar services that claim to have lower starting prices – the keyword here is “starting”, because what you will find after uploading all of your files and your images never fall under the low price categories, and you end up paying 7 times more than expected. Here at Clippingbd, what you see & what you get is an unbeatable great deal! But don’t take our word for it – send a free quote now!


Are you feeling tension for your images? Are you thinking about your images how to enhance the beauty? Don’t worry! Just contact us or to visit our webpage clippingbd and send us your images. You will see that your images are looking so nicely after using our handicraft spell. World-widely, Clippingbd is becoming the synonym for happy clients and editing beautiful pictures.


As an image & design service provider business firm clippingbd always works for the honorable clients. Clippingbd understands the importance of communication, and delivers the results exactly the way which you expect from us.