Clippingbd uses digital image manipulation services by creative talents and manual skills with the most advanced tools of the latest software. All works are checked in 4 stages for perfection before they uploaded in the Clipping bd’s FTP server. All works are meticulously processed assuring the quality level that the clients deserve. Technological and capital cost for most graphics design and prepress houses like us are almost the same. However, competitive advantage can be gained from low labor cost. Clippingbd provides various image processing, prepress publishing, and web development outsourcing services.

Clippingbd offer Clipping Path service in the following categories: Simple, Medium, Complex, Super Complex (Hourly Rate) Categories. Along with Clipping Path (Photoshop Vector Masking) option, we also offer Alpha Channel Masking (Photoshop Raster Masking), Multiple Photoshop Masking for Color Correction, Shadowing & Drop Shadow, and Image Background Customization Services.

We have a group of talented graphic artists who can create logos, which allows the entity to standout in a crowded market place. The aim is always to create a unique logo design to represent a company’s identity and goals.

Clipping Path Services Lists


  1. Basic Clipping Path
  2. Simple Clipping Path
  3. Compound Clipping Path
  4. Extra Clipping Path
  5. Complex Clipping Path
  6. Super Complex Clipping Path
  7. Multi Clipping Path
  8. Clipping Path with shadow

Image Manipulation Services

  1. Photoshop Masking
  2. Color Correction
  3. Image Retouching

Design Services


  1. Ad Design
  2. Raster to vector
  3. Logo design

Web Design & Development


  1. Template Design
  2. Web Design & Development

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