Soft mask / silo

There are many types of image services in the field of arts & photography. But image soft mask/silo is one the most attractive & popular of all image services. If you have hairy, furry, smoke or zigzag images, you will need soft mask/silo service to create images fair, glorious or perfect for using. Moreover wand tools, other tools even path tools can not be removed the background of images to make them nice. Only using soft mask/silo service you can remove or erase the background of your images.

Who need soft mask/silo service?
The online retailers, catalogue agencies, designers, fashion houses, photographers, advertising agencies are generally needed image soft mask/silo service.
How can we make mask/silo?
You will follow the directions to make mask/silo. At first, you will open a photo and create a mask using the techniques outlined in an Introduction to Masking Parts and Advanced Masking: Vector Masks. In areas where the object veers out of focus, make sure the mask’s edge runs comfortably inside the object’s blurry edge.
Arrange your layers so that the photo and its mask are the topmost layer, with a color fill layer underneath. Once you’ve completed the basic mask, you’ll have to arrange the document’s layers so that you can correctly follow the steps. The topmost layer should contain the object photo and the initial mask, and below it, color fill layer that will help you see the mask. You must convert any vector masks to raster masks before continuing. Control-click the mask thumbnail and choose Rasterize Mask from the contextual menu.

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