Color correction

Clippingbd provides excellent image color correction

Image color correction is an artistic design pattern. It is done by the help of Adobe Photoshop pen tools. Image color correction is very essential image service. We can adjust our image color through image color correction service. Moreover, image color correction mostly helps us to make a natural, well color management and true image.


Generally, an image has several colors. But every-time all colors could not be lighted correctly because of few reasons such as shortage of light or the sun rays. In this situation, we need image color adjustment. This color adjustment is called image color correction.

Everybody has an enquiry how we can adjust our image color using the tools of Adobe Photoshop. Following the steps, we can easily correction our image color. For this, we should do the following:

At first we run our computer and open Photoshop. Now we should select the image part which area we want to adjust the color or correction the image color. After selecting the part of the image, we can change our image color according to our willingly. But we must remember that before starting image color correction we should clipping path the image. By pathing and selecting the area of the image we should use fether 1 or 2. Doing these we can adjust white or black image’s color using curves or levels tool.

If we want to adjust indigo color we will do the following activities:

At first we need to select the image part which we area want to adjust image color. Then we should clipping path portion of image and use Fether 1 or 2. next, we should go to the image options which are found in the top of the Photoshop bar menu. There, we will find adjustment options. In these options, we will find several color correction tools like hue, saturation, selective, color match, color gradient etc. using these options we can adjust or correction our image colors according to our own efforts.

Now I am showing the options how to change color or correction image color using Photoshop tools in the following chart:

Image →adjustments →levels →auto levels → auto contrast → curves

→ color balance → brightness/contrast → hue/saturate → de-saturate

→ replace color.

All the options we can find at the top of the Photoshop menu bar. So these are the possibility ways by which we can adjust or change image color correction. It is one of the main image services because without a well color image we can not draw the attraction among the viewers.

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